How I averaged 25k impressions/month on Pinterest, 100+ clicks, with real qualified leads...and it’s all automated!

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Do you enjoy getting leads (while creating a brand) without lifting a finger and for free? Well continue to read this step-by-step article on how I achieved an average 25,000 impressions per month on Pinterest for a client, while generating 100+ clicks to their websites where they gained qualified leads!

The goal: save time

The best part of this whole exercise wasn't actually to gain heaps of leads or even many impressions. It was more about saving the social media team at Going Gourmet the time publishing the exact same content on both Instagram and Pinterest.

The results: wow!

Saved time: tick!

Built brands: We weren't just saving time. Pins accumulate, create interest and your boards organically gain loyal followers. (I say "brands" and "websites" as the client have 3 key brands they were promoting via their Pinterest account.)

Impressions, engagements, saves & clicks: The most excited thing for us was that we had no idea of the potential impact of pins going "viral". One our of first pins still averages 6,000 views per month and it was posted 2 years ago! If you are not familiar with Pinterest, someone can re-save your "Pin" to one of their "Boards", where their followers also see it. (Just like a "share" on Facebook, but it seems more organic in Pinterest)

Leads: Digging deeper, we took a look at the client's Google Analytics account and found that the traffic from Pinterest was actually converting into real leads. And for Going Gourmet and their venue Baxter Barn, a lead could easily turn into $30,000 worth of revenue. And this all started with the thought of "how could we save time?" We obviously totally underestimated the power of Pinterest, automation and constantly posting to our Instagram account.

Below is a screenshot from their Pinterest Analytics dashboard for a 30 day period from February 2020 to March 2020.

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Pinterest is not the only platform we automatically post to. We also publish to Twitter and since Facebook posting is integrated into Instagram now, we no longer user the Instagram to Facebook Zapier automation.

The process = automation with thanks to Zapier

I simply researched automation tools on Google and I ran into Zapier. A year or so later I'm automating 50+ tasks for one client and use about 7 "Zaps" for my own daily and weekly tasks. (blog post coming soon about this) Yes, Zapier is so powerful! You can automate workflows, social media platforms/applications to each other and software (SAAS) to software integrations, such as your e-commerce orders getting sent to Xero (the accounting App.)

In this case and to put it simply, each and every Instagram post automatically gets sent to Pinterest on a board you choose. You can also select what happens when someone clicks on the Pin. I chose for all pins to go straight through the to client's websites. This brings people who are interested in your business topic straight to your goods or services where they can discover your brand even further.

Here's how to get started:

  1. go to Zapier:
  2. search for "instagram" and then "pinterest"
  3. select the Zap called "Pin your new Instagram posts on Pinterest"
  4. create an account or log in
  5. go though the "wizard" and away you go!

Yes, I said it "away you go!". I do believe their step-by-step wizards are so easy to follow there isn't a need for me how to explain each step in the process. However, keep reading if you really are stuck.

Need help?

Well, I'm offering to do this for your company for free in the month of April 2020!

To qualify: you must be a Melbourne based business.


  1. Contact me
  2. I'll then asked you for your logins for whatever accounts you already have
  3. Let me work the magic :)

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